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Upgrading to the 2021 Hyundai Tucson

Upgrading to the 2021 Hyundai Tucson

Driving an SUV is a practical way to have a combination of luxury, passenger, and cargo space in one vehicle. Making the change from a sedan or a subcompact SUV to the Hyundai Tucson offers drivers in Newark, NJ, a completely different driving experience.

This is the middle size option in an SUV in the Hyundai line. The Tucson offers more cargo space than the smaller Hyundai Kona. It also provides easier maneuvering than the full-size Hyundai Palisade. It is a fun and sporty vehicle to drive in the city or out on the highways, but it can also be taken off-road for country driving.

Options and Features

No matter what trim level car buyers in Newark, NJ choose in the Hyundai Tucson, they can be assured of a smooth, quiet ride. This is a very comfortable vehicle for all passengers in the cabin, with six different trim levels that offer a range of features and options to consider.
The SEL and higher trim levels come with some amazing features as standard with the vehicle. This includes USB ports for backseat device charging, automatic dual-zone climate control, and heated front seats.

Engines and Performance Considerations

Drivers of the Hyundai Tucson in Newark, NJ will appreciate the power and performance this SUV provides. There two different engines available, and both come with a six-speed automatic transmission.

Handling is exceptional with the vehicle, and the slightly larger body and beefed-up suspension means it holds to the road and corners more like a sports car than a typical SUV. Test driving the Tucson is the best way to experience the feel and fun of this all-around top sports utility vehicle.

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