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Used Roll Off Trucks – Things to Keep in Mind When Buying

Used Roll Off Trucks – Things to Keep in Mind When Buying

Buying anything in a used condition is often a gamble for most people; they never know whether it will last for a longer period of time that will justify the price. However, there are different ways to limit the losses. When it comes to purchasing vehicles, especially used roll off trucks, the buyer must keep a number of different things in mind. Usually, roll off trucks are needed by companies that are engaged in the waste disposal, recycling or construction industry. Since these trucks are fitted with a very powerful mechanism that allows for ‘dumping’ a variety of materials, they are widely employed in different countries for the collection and disposal of waste, yard debris, construction debris and scrap metal to mention a few. However, when it comes to buying used roll off trucks, there are certain things to keep in mind. Here are a few:

The Roll Off Hoist

The roll off hoist is what makes a roll off truck a roll off truck. The most important thing that a person will have to check when looking for used roll off trucks is the hoist itself. Usually, the hoist is designed and installed by a third party company on a standard truck chassis. The capacity and type of hoist might vary considerably depending upon the size of the truck itself. However, since the hoist is essentially the money maker of the truck, it is important to check whether it is in good condition.

The Chassis

While the hoist is the focal point of the roll off truck the chassis is what gets you from point a to point b on a daily basis. The life span of a roll off truck can vary greatly depending on the maintenance it received throughout it’s time in service. Therefore, age is not the only deciding factor in determining the condition of a roll off truck. Inspecting the truck can consist of checking mileage, hours, engine and engine components, transmission, steering and suspension components. A truck can have travelled more when owned by one company during five years than the miles they may put on the same truck during a ten-year period. That is the reason why checking the odometer, while important, is not typically considered a thorough inspection.


With so many different parts to check, the hydraulic system, the sub frame, the hoist, and the chassis to name a few, it is highly recommended that you purchase your truck through a reputable dealer or bring an experienced roll off mechanic who can properly advise you on the condition of the truck.

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