Using Premium Portable Generators For Light-Duty Applications

Portable Generators Technical Specifications

When shopping for Generac portable generators in New Jersey, consider the main technical specifications from the manufacturer. Depending on your project or recreational application, you should select the appropriate power rating for a new generator. The maximum rating for the starting watts is significantly higher than the peak rating of the running watts. A light-duty generator that’s built for portable use will usually exceed the 3,000-watt rating for the starting output. Expect to lose a few hundred watts of power for the running specification when the device is fully operational. Generac portable generators in New Jersey are available with a variety of fuel capacities. A 4.0-liter capacity is a common spec for some of the most popular products from this brand. Additionally, portable generators from this reputable company usually weight between 50 and 70 net pounds for easy carrying.

Highlights of Portable Generators

New Generac portable generators in New Jersey come with a handful of convenient features, such as custom operating modes for reducing noise and improving efficiency. You could easily activate the Eco Mode to save some precious fuel for your light-duty work. Multiple USB ports may be available for charging small electronics at the lowest available currents. A portable generator should have various fuses and other hardware for protecting sensitive electronics from surges and other damage. You could easily carry the device thanks to ergonomic handles and a compact geometry. Additionally, a rotary-style dial quickly adjusts the choke, run and off settings without any noticeable delays.

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