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Utilizing Technology In Medical Telephone Answering Services

Technology is used in all aspects of medical treatment, and moving forward with implementing the latest in virtual phone systems is an excellent way to upgrade medical telephone answering services.

These systems, and medical telephone answering services, are not just lower cost than a live operator system but they are also uniquely designed to allow the patient to leave a message for the doctor that will be heard exactly as it was provided. This is very different than having the patient message transcribed by a live operator who may or may not include all the details relevant to the doctor and to the patient.

There are several other factors to consider when upgrading to virtual medical telephone answering services. By comparing what different systems offer, and also keeping in mind specific requirements your office, practice or facility, you can find the best match for your needs.

Security and HIPPA Compliance
Security for patients as well as full HIPPA compliance with all messages from patients and communication with the doctors is critical in today’s world. Unfortunately many of the doctor answering services, particularly with live operators that are often unaware or untrained in HIPPA compliance, this is not the case.

With the responsibility on the medical practice to ensure HIPPA compliance in all the third-party services they use, this should be the number one priority from a liability standpoint in making a selection.

There are a great number of companies offering live operator or call center type of answering services for doctors, although high-quality services are diminishing. To offset this, there are an increasing number of services offering virtual systems. One of the essential considerations with the virtual medical telephone answering services is the range of customized options that are available through the system setup.

They will allow you to set the doctors on-call, and even provide a hierarchy of numbers so that any emergency call is answered by a doctor within seconds of the patient using the service. This is very different than other services where calls do occasionally get dropped, or patients are put on hold and end up simply hanging up.

While price is not the sole or even the key factor in choosing a medical telephone answering services, it is often the difference when you have two systems that are evenly matched with regards to services and features.
There are some systems or companies that charge on a scale based on the number of calls the system handles while others may charge a low flat rate per month. The virtual medical telephone answering services, because of their model, are very reasonably priced, allowing you to know just what to include in your monthly operating budget.

For any practice, facility or medical office, the No More Phone Tag virtual medical telephone answering services is an efficient, low-cost option for all patient calls. To find out more go to

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