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Vinyl or fabric: making the big material decision

Vinyl or fabric: making the big material decision

Grand format printing will always be the best idea when orienting banners or signs for outdoor events. A more difficult decision, however, is whether to go with vinyl or choose fabric. Here is are some quick tips that might be helpful when it comes to making that choice;

The printer

The capabilities of the printer will be a huge determinant of which way to go with your choice of material. Generally, for aqueous printers, vinyl will be the best option. Fabric is best printed using latex or dye sub-printers. A good printing company will likely have different varieties of printers and options available to the customer.

The Environment

This is why it is important to decide as early as possible where the banner will be placed. Location and ambience are two of the most important questions when it comes to the determination of where to place banners. At a casual outdoor event, for instance, vinyl is a great option. For the upscale events where the attendees are often very close to the graphics, fabric can be a great choice of material. Think also about the weather when choosing material, especially for outdoor events.


Cost is a huge factor in almost all the event related decisions. Think about vinyl when you have a strict budget since it is a less expensive option, and can be a great choice for those one-time events. If you are going for elegant, then break the bank and go for high definition fabric, which will cost as high as 0.64 dollars per square foot.


When it comes to finishing options, both vinyl and fabric will give you some leeway. Simple outdoor banners can be finished with grommets, which make for easy hanging. Two banners can also be sewn or heat pressed to provide an opaque, double sided banner. It is especially easy to produce this effect when using fabric. Fabric is also easier to handle, meaning there will be many more options when it comes to positioning. Fabric can be wrapped around a column and secured with Velcro. This makes it a good option for odd shapes or curves.

Fabric or vinyl, the folks at Blue sky digital printing have got your back. Visit our company website today for more information.

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