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by | Feb 14, 2019 | Law

When you buy a used vehicle, you expect it to be as advertised. You do not expect it to break down on you within a few days. You also do not expect it to cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to make it road-worthy again. If you bought a used vehicle that turns out to be a lemon, the state of Delaware has a lemon law that is designed to protect your rights as a consumer.

You work hard for your money, and con artists are always trying to find a way to separate you from it. Even if you did your due diligence on your purchase of a used vehicle, it is still possible to be conned by a used car dealer or an individual who sold you the car under false pretenses. We take a close look at your situation, get information from the mechanic and work to protect your rights.

We recommend that anyone who has bought a lemon car take legal action against the dealership that sold it. By doing this, you protect yourself. You also protect anyone else who might have thought of going to that dealership to buy a used car, too. Your actions are an important work of good for yourself and for the community. Your friends and neighbors will be thankful that you took the step to go to court and get things set right for yourself and for others.

When you need an attorney to represent you as a plaintiff in a Delaware lemon law case, contact us at Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center. We recover your money or work toward the outcome of your preference. Contact us by phone to schedule a consultation or visit us online at YourLemonLawRights.com for more information about the Delaware lemon law.

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