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Weed Service: Tips For Not Letting Weeds Take Over

Weeds can be the bane of any gardener’s existence; they even aggravate people who are trying to have a nice yard. Weed removal can be a chore as well, that is why many people use a Weed Service to eliminate their weeds for them. However, some people feel that hiring someone to do the work for them is cheating and prefer to do it themselves. Below you will find some tips on how to perform weed removal yourself.

Soap and Water

Believe it or not, soap and water can go a long way towards keeping you from having to call in the Weed Service professionals that you feel are a waste of time. You simply mix five tablespoons of dish detergent with four cups of water in a spray bottle, and then spray it on the weeds during the summer time.

Tough Weeds

Of course, there are always going to be those weeds that you can’t seem to remove from your yard no matter how hard you try. Those weeds call for a little bit more action than just soap and water. If you still do not want to call in Wildcat Exterminating Inc. to take care of the problem for you, here is a solution. Try mixing five tablespoons of vinegar in with your water, mix it in a spray bottle, and then spray the weeds with it. Vinegar is a weed killer from way back and can help rid your yard of even the toughest weeds.

Even Tougher Weeds

If you have tried the above methods and nothing seems to be working, there is one more method that you can try. Mix vinegar, salt, and dish detergent. All you have to do is spray it on the weeds and it should take care of your problem. Make sure however, that you don’t spray the good plants as this mixture isn’t good for them at all.

Of course, you can just call in the professionals to do the job for you the easy way. Weeds are no fun for the avid gardener and you want to get rid of them anyway that you can. Contact Wildcat Exterminating for weed services.

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