What Are Kitting and Fulfillment Services, and How Do They Work?

If your company is involved with products that need to be bundled and assembled, you may need to employ third-party kitting and fulfillment services. Having a great third-party kitting service can greatly improve the customer satisfaction of your company and improve its overall logistics efficiency.

What Are Kitting Services?

A kitting service assembles different pieces of your products into one ready-to-ship product. Kitting services are used when you sell specific combinations of your products on a regular basis and need to have those combinations ready to ship.

Kitting and Assembly

Sometimes, you may have portions of your product that need to be assembled before they can be subject to kitting grouping. Many kitting fulfillment services offer the option to assemble your products before they are grouped together, but not all kitting services will provide assembly services. Company owners should discuss the need for assembly with a potential kitting third-party company ahead of time.

On-Demand vs. Pre-Assembled Kitting Services

Some companies sell certain combination of products, while also offering customers the option to choose their own bundles. For example, a company may offer gift packages that specify certain products, as well as a “pick your own” products for a similar price. Some kitting services will offer the option to assemble on-demand bundles as well as pre-made bundles.

Why Use Kitting Services?

Kitting services can save you time. Inventory can take up a large portion of your workforce and cost you extra money in hours and benefits. By using a kitting and fulfillment services, you can make sure customers receive their products quickly and in a manner that is far more convenient for you.

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