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What Are The Advantages Of Diesel Vs. Gasoline?

For many years a diesel powered vehicle was seen to be smelly, noisy and slow responding. In the 1980s this was true, but today is the age of clean burning, highly efficient and pleasant to drive diesel powered automobiles. There are a number of distinct advantages of a Volkswagen Passat TDi diesel; these advantages can comfortably be separated into those which are advantageous to the environment and those that are advantageous for the owner.

The advantages for the environment:

Cleanliness: Forget the 80s when diesel engines sent out plumes of foul smelling black smoke. Modern diesel engines are far cleaner than gasoline engines; they emit considerably less carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.

TDi stands for “turbocharged direct injection”, the computer controlled injection makes today’s diesel engine extremely energy efficient, this results in fewer emissions because less fuel is burned. It is not only the technology that makes diesels cleaner than ever before, the fuel itself is lower in sulfur than it was years ago.

Increased mileage: This is an advantage that is not only good for the environment; it is good for your pocket-book. A Passat TDi diesel will go a great deal further on a tank of fuel than a comparable vehicle powered by a gasoline engine; up to 50 percent further. The result is obvious; it takes less in the way of extraction and refining to end up with a fuel that already emits less harmful by-products.

The advantages for the owner:

Volkswagen was well aware for them to be successful with diesel powered cars they had to clean them up. With the development of TDi technology, improved transmissions, filters and catalytic convertors they did just that. A Passat TDi diesel is as quiet as any gasoline engine, this might not have been true some years back but it certainly is today.

Money saving: A diesel engine uses less fuel to go from A to B, as a result you will not be stopping at a gas station as often. Granted, a diesel engine vehicle costs a little more to buy than a gasoline powered car but, depending on the number of miles you drive, you can expect reasonably quick payback.

Availability: Diesel fuel is no longer hard to find. Years ago if you owned a diesel powered car you usually had to fill up at a truck stop, no more. It would be rare today to find a gas station that doesn’t have diesel available.

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