What Are the Benefits of Epoxy Countertops?

Most of us know what countertops are, but not a lot of people are very familiar with the different materials that they could be made out of. One of these materials is epoxy, which is a type of polymer that starts out being in a sort of gel-like state before eventually hardening into a surface that can be flattened. If taken care of, this can last for several years without any visible damage, according to an article on WiseGEEK. Why would you want to use a countertop made out of this material for your location? Here are some reasons why they would make a great choice  for your next home or business project.

1. They’re Easy to Install
If you would rather have it installed from scratch instead of having to pour the substance onto your existing countertop, you can buy epoxy countertops that are already pre-formed. That means that all you would have to do is place it into the area of your choice. They are also lightweight, making the task so much easier. If you needed a durable countertop for a more portable set-up, then the fact that it does not weigh a lot but can endure a lot of damage makes it a great candidate for such situations.

2. They’re Resistant to Chemical Damage
Because they are able to completely stay intact despite coming into contact with certain chemicals, epoxy countertops are a great choice to use in certain areas such as hospitals and laboratories. They can also resist scratches too, so they will be able to hold up against the possible damage certain tools and equipment can create.

3. They’re Resistant to Water
These types of countertops are water-resistant because of the result of two chemicals coming into contact with each other. Those two chemicals are epichlorohydrin and bisphenol-A. Because of this quality, they can also be used in restaurants and cafes, especially considering how much water is used every day to cook a certain number of meals.

4. They Need Low Maintenance
Because these surfaces are so durable, you will hardly need to do any cleaning or buffing in order to keep it looking brand new.

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