What are the Benefits of Sedative Dentistry?

In the past, dental patients used to express fear and anxiety when it came to dental visits due to the pain associated with the treatments they were to undergo. However, due to advances in sedative dentistry, patients are able to undergo dental procedures without having to experience pain. These sedatives give patients anxiety-free experience during dental treatment. They work by suppressing the central nervous system, especially the areas concerned with conscious awareness, so that the patient is relieved of anxiety.

Dental treatment requires that the patient be co-operative and be undisturbed when explaining the problem to the dentist. Sedation of patients has gained popularity in dentistry today because of the many benefits that it offers to both the patient and the dentist. Here are some of the benefits.

Relief of fear and anxiety

Dental phobia delays treatment, and makes the patients avoid the dental offices. They do not honor dental appointments because of fear. Dental sedation makes the patient relaxed and free from stress as they undergo treatment. The practice causes amnesia that some patients, and it is regarded as a benefit because it enables them to lose memory of what went on during treatment.

Patient co-operation

The patient with no fear and anxiety will be more co-operative before and during treatment. They will honor appointments with the dentist and make treatment easier. Non-cooperative patients give the dentist a hard time because they often cannot even explain clearly what they are suffering from.

Pain free dental experience

With sedation, dental treatment is done without the patient feeling pain. The suppression of the central nervous system using pharmacological agents kills the sense of pain. Severe pain is often experienced during dental treatments, but with this practice, the patient goes through it pain free.

Time saving -: fewer appointments needed

Dental procedures are time consuming, but less time is needed for a sedated patient. Patients do not have to go back to the dentist for numerous appointments because the procedure is completed in less time. The dentists are able to treat more sedated patients in less time.

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