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What are the Options for Drainage Systems in Hingham MA?

What are the Options for Drainage Systems in Hingham MA?

There are multiple types of drainage systems in Hingham MA. With the many options, homeowners sometimes feel overwhelmed by making the right choice. It is important homeowners carefully survey their options for basement drains, so they will be able to make the right decision for their needs.

Types of Basement and Foundation Drains

It is important homeowners are able to understand their options, so they will be able to make a pragmatic choice. It is also important homeowners rely on the professionals for drainage systems in Hingham MA. With the right professionals, homeowners can rest assured their basement will remain dry and their foundation protected.

  • Interior French drains are a common type of drain that is installed in many homes. Often, this type of drainage system is installed in an existing home that is beginning to show signs of wet basement problems. This type of drain features a drain pipe that ushers water to a pit where it is collected and then pushed to the surface. The drain lies below floor level and runs along the perimeter of the basement.
  • Exterior drain tiles are placed around the outside of the perimeter. This type of drainage system involves a pipe that runs around the perimeter of the foundation and collects rainwater before it can seep down into the basement. This type of drain is typically put in during the construction of the home. In some parts of the country, this type of drain is required. Those who are planning a new construction would be wise to choose this type of drain.
  • Another type of basement drain is the floor drain. This type of drain is built in utility areas and is sloped, so the water collects at the drain point and runs into a pit where a sump pump pumps it away from the home. Years ago, homes were built with floor drains attached to the sewer system, but this led to many problems and unwanted odors, so homes no longer have this type of connection.

Discover More Information

If you have wet basement problems, installing a drainage system is the answer. For more information, check out Call them today for an appointment.

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