What Benefits Does an Open MRI Provide Over a Closed MRI in Orlando?

Medical imaging scans have come a long way in a relatively short span of time. In particular, MRI technology has advanced in recent years, providing more patients with the option of an open MRI. If your doctor needs to rely on Orlando radiology services to aid in a diagnosis, discuss the following benefits of an open MRI with him.

Avoid Troubling Enclosures
Many people feel claustrophobic upon being placed inside a traditional MRI machine. The sensation can cause feelings of fear and anxiety, which can affect their ability to remain still for the duration of the test. An open MRI provides a better experience by reducing the enclosure as much as possible. Much of the area is wide open, so patients won’t feel smothered or suffocated by the experience.

Enjoy a Quieter Experience
The open MRI used by Orlando radiology services produces less noise than the closed MRI machines. Additionally, the open space reduces reverberations that cause the noise to be amplified in closed MRI machines. As a result, the experience is less stressful. Some technicians even play soothing music to help patients feel more relaxed during the procedure.

Benefit From Greater Accuracy
An open MRI machine has a tilt feature that allows images to be taken while the patient is in a standing position. In addition to providing a more comforting situation for patients, the upright position allows for more accurate images to be taken of certain internal organs. This feature provides doctors with better-defined images to aid them in making a diagnosis.

When you need to undergo medical imaging scans, talk to your doctor about visiting Open MRI of Orlando at https://www.openmrioforlando.com/.

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