What Does a Sacramento Probate Attorney Do?

If you have been named an executor/executrix, you need a Sacramento probate attorney. Of course, you need to know what a Sacramento probate attorney does, to know what to expect. A lot of people make the mistake of not consulting with a probate attorney when an estate is small and seemingly easy to manage, but they should.

The Probate Laws

The state probate laws are very complex and strict, there is not a lot of room for error. Ensuring that your duties as an executor/executrix are carried out to the letter of the law starts with having an experienced probate attorney’s advice and guidance. The right attorney will:

  • Help you to distribute the estate
  • Provide advice regarding assets
  • Manage debts in the estate
  • Help you with tax liabilities for the estate
  • Provide limited legal advice for smaller estates

There are a lot of legal requirements when it comes to estate management. The right attorney will explain your duties in detail to you and help you to effectively manage those duties. As an executor of an estate there are filings that you are responsible for like inventory of the estate, real property responsibilities and more.


One of the roles that a probate attorney can take on is to act as an arbitrator between family members and other beneficiaries listed. Unfortunately, even when a will is in place, many family members and other beneficiaries find themselves at odds. This in fighting over the estate can hold up distribution and quickly get costly. An attorney that has experience with the probate laws and managing estates can step in and lessen the in fighting and reduce the cost of challenges and more.

Keeps You on The Right Track

One of the key services that this type of attorney provides is to help you stay on the right track when distributing the estate. They can help you to keep up with filings with the court, navigate real estate sales and ensure that you are protected during the process.

Limited Legal Advice

The estate does not have to be large for you to need some advice about your responsibilities and how to navigate them. They can provide as much or as little support as you need. Flexible probate services can help reduce the overwhelming responsibilities. The Law Offices of Mitchell S. Otswald has the experience to help you manage your duties.

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