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What Duties to Expect from Supportive Living Jobs in Prince George

What Duties to Expect from Supportive Living Jobs in Prince George

People with developmental delays often have challenges in living independently. It is not safe for them to live on their own in an apartment or house. They need someone to live with them to help them take care of routine daily tasks.

To help them live as independently as possible, programs make available caretakers assist them with their daily routines. You can take one of these positions by knowing what to expect from supportive living jobs in Prince George.

Help with Daily Cooking

One of the foremost tasks that you will take on each day involves helping clients with daily routines like cooking meals. People with disabilities like mental or physical impairments often cannot cook on their own. They may not be able to reach the burners or knobs on the stove. They also may not realize for how long to cook something.

Rather than risk burning down their home, they can rely on you to help them cook. You can assist in prepping meals and making sure that they eat healthy meals. You assist them in preventing any damage to themselves or their homes when cooking.

As a caretaker, you also help with tasks like grocery shopping and cleaning. You guide them in what foods to pick out and what areas of the home to clean up each day. You can find out more about supportive living jobs in Prince George online. Contact for more details.

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