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What Earned the Volvo V60 the Title of “Most Versatile Car Ever Built”

What Earned the Volvo V60 the Title of “Most Versatile Car Ever Built”

Luxury vehicles tend to bore many modern drivers. While they may have big numbers on their prices tags, the numbers that make up their sales figures continue to drop with today’s buyers. One brand that proves to be an exception to this rule is Volvo, with their popular and versatile V60 model. If you’re looking for a luxury automobile with a little bit of everything, look no further than the Volvo V60.

Sleek, Sporty – and Safe

In industry language, Volvo’s use of the number 60 typically denotes the brand’s sportiest models. These cars are designed not just for luxury inside, but for performance on the road. Owners can enjoy their drives rather than tolerating them when they invest in a V60.

Thankfully, the V60 also continues Volvo’s famed standard of safety. One of the safest cars available on the road today, it will keep everyone from the young and careless to the old and wise safe behind the wheel. Additional interior and storage space also makes this model and an excellent choice for young families on the move, looking to include room for every member but refusing to compromise on style. The Volvo V60 has something for everyone.

For the Car Lover in Us All

The Volvo V60 may be a safe and roomy vehicle fit for a family, but it’s still a luxury car at its heart. Just because the vehicle is practical doesn’t mean it is designed strictly for the pragmatist among car owners. People that simply look to replace a car when the other has stopped running would be well-served to choose one of these stylish yet sturdy models, but so would car enthusiasts who enjoy the drive and the look of a nice vehicle. Whatever you’re looking for in a car, the V60 has it to offer.

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