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What Is A Child Custody Attorney?

What Is A Child Custody Attorney?

A child custody attorney is a legal professional that practices family law. Often an Naperville custody attorney is called upon when it is necessary to develop or negotiate an agreement between parents who are in the process of divorcing or parents that are already divorced. The agreements that the custody attorney helps broker are those that decide who the child or children will live with, how non-custodial parent visitation will be handled and child support. The same attorney can be called upon by a couple with children who have never been married but wish to go their separate ways.

Regardless of what arrangements were made for child care while the couple was together when the decision is made to divorce or otherwise separate there is often a dispute over custody of the child. A great deal depends on the degree of animosity when a divorce is pending, some parents are capable of coming to a satisfactory agreement without any help while in other cases it will take a custody attorney to forge the details of where the child will live and what time the child will spend with each parent.

A custody attorney represents his or her client in deciding with whom the child will live. There are different types of child custody which include sole, this is where one parent has total physical custody, and there is shared custody where each parent shares, having physical custody of the child an agreed part of the time. Shared custody can be 50/50 but usually it takes into account the child’s schooling so one parent may have the child more than the other. Regardless on the time frame, when the custody is legal, each parent has the right to make decisions which are binding on the child.

A Child Custody Attorney Naperville also helps to negotiate visitation. A child may live with one parent for the majority of time but will visit the other parent on the weekends or every other weekend as an example. Parents are not bound to follow any predetermined schedule; with the assistance of an Naperville custody attorney they can create a schedule that suits the unique needs of the parents and the children.

A custody attorney might also be asked by a client to help negotiate a child support agreement. Child support is different from child custody, child support involves the money that is necessary to raise and properly ca8re for the child. This money will be used for clothing, recreation, education, health care and shelter.


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