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What is a pet hotel?

A pet hotel is a pet boarding service that goes above and beyond normal service that one would expect from a traditional boarding kennel. Owners often opt for boarding their pets when they leave on vacation or are otherwise called away from home and there is no other individuals that can provide care. The services that are offered by a pet hotel vary one to the other but basic care such as feeding, exercising and the administering of medications if necessary is common. Where a pet hotel differs from a traditional kennel is not necessarily in the level of basic services, it lies in the extra services that the pet will most certainly enjoy during his or her stay.

Pet hotels are similar to hotels used by humans; the more expensive they are the more services one
expects. Some pet boarding hotels are very much like human hotels, they offer different rates; in a
human hotel the facilities, hence the rates, will vary between a standard single room all the way through a suite. Pets can be accommodated and housed in a traditional kennel or the owner can opt to house his pet in an area that is larger and offers features such as an outdoor view, comfortable bedding; a bed raised from the floor and can even include a TV. When the animal is housed in these superior surroundings the animal will feel very much at home.

Many pet hotels bring pets together to socialize during their stay. In some cases a trained dog walker may take the dogs to a local park or to a local beach that allows dogs to run free or they can give the dogs an opportunity to run and play in areas specially designed and dedicated to such activities.

When you opt for pet boarding in a pet hotel you can reasonably expect that the operators will offer a “spa” package will includes grooming, nail care, oral care, shampooing, etc. Many spa type pet hotels may have a swimming pool.

Cat owners also have reason to leave their pets behind when they travel; as much as dogs need plenty of pampering, cats need a lot more. Cats, by their nature love to climb, find small “bolt holes” that they can crawl up in to sleep and they love soft lighting and comfortable pillows as their bed.

Dog hotels offer such a wide variety of pet care services that most owners prefer pet boarding over
hiring a sitter to come into the home periodically to feed and exercise their pet.

If you need to leave your pet for some time and pet boarding is the best option you might want to
consider upgrading from a conventional kennel to a pet hotel. At Ortega Animal Care Center you pet will be pampered in one of their full service suites. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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