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What is a Wifi Fire Detector and Why Do You Need One?

You probably know what a smoke detector does. But have you heard about how technology has finally caught up with the fire prevention industry? That’s right! Some of the new fire alarms and smoke detectors use the same technology that you use everyday to surf the internet, check email, and check your social media.

The wifi fire detectors and smoke alarm systems at First Alert, for example, can alert you in the first detection of smoke or dangerous gases, in addition to knowing your location through Amazon’s internal voice recognition and GPS. So this means that, when you have a possible fire, your situation and other information is recorded so help can arrive quicker in most cases.

Some of the features of the wireless smoke detector units include:

  • Battery-operated CO2 detectors
  • Connection of multiple alarms
  • Voice alerts for hard-of-hearing
  • CO2 alarm and testing capabilities

Seconds Count

Any firefighter will tell you that time is of the essence when faced with a fire in your home or building. Seconds count. With a First Alert wireless smoke alarm system, smoke, CO2 or other dangerous chemicals, and other dangerous situations are reported in minutes to the occupants with a loud alarm and voice announcement of the scenario.

This gives the homeowner plenty of time to call for help and to get to a place of safety before the fire has a chance to spread in many cases.

About First Alert

First Alert specializes in providing top-notch high-tech equipment for home monitoring of fires, smoke, and other dangers. Check out their product line at to see what they offer.

Remember, seconds save lives. These wifi fire detectors can be the factor that saves your life or the life of someone you love.

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