What is pediatric dentistry?

by | Aug 27, 2014 | Healthcare

A pediatric dentist is dentist that specializes in the dental health of children that are aged anywhere between infants and young adults. A pediatric dentist in Anne Arundel has a complete understanding of the structure of the oral cavity and the dental needs of children; this specialist understands the differences from an adult mouth which is fully formed. A pediatric dentist has accomplished all the same training as any other dentist but he or she has gone on to study methods and approaches to juvenile dental care which makes dental treatment less of a trauma for kids.

After graduating from four years of dental college the now graduate dentist takes an additional two years in residency where he or she works with infants and children. This dentist in Anne Arundel understands that a young child finds it hard to sit still at the best of times let alone during a dental exam or treatment and that going to the dentist can be a scary situation. The dentist who deals with kids has developed certain techniques that can be used to reduce this fear, this can include letting the child look at all the equipment that the dentist plans on using as well as having smaller dental chairs. In many cases the dental office is decorated in a child friendly manner and often the office space is broken up in areas with activities available for children of different ages; there may be a big box of Lego’s in one area and a game console in another. The treatment rooms usually have a TV set where the little patient can watch a favorite video.

Teeth begin to erupt when a child is about six or seven months old, by the time the child is three he or she will have their complete set of deciduous teeth. Most dentists will suggest that the child be introduced to dental care by the time they are about two and a half years old, this can even be early if the parent has any specific dental concerns.

The pediatric dentist in Anne Arundel will give the child routine examinations and cleanings. The dentist will also work with both the child and the parents on good dental hygiene, brushing techniques, flossing and toothpaste selection. The dentist will also care for any dental injuries such as a chipped tooth and will fill any cavities the child gets. There is a great deal of information on Pediatric Dentistry Edmonton when you visit at website

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