What Happens When You Are Stopped For Drunk Driving?

When a person is stopped by a police officer and arrested for drunk driving or the use of drugs he or she will often hire a DUI lawyer in Long Beach CA as their legal representative. A DUI attorney will first research all aspects of the arrest to ensure that it was conducted legally. If the attorney finds that the arrest was conducted in accordance with local laws the next phase is to negotiate such things as bail, gaining some temporary driving privileges or trying to delay the trial. When the case does come up in court the DUI lawyer will address the court on behalf of the client in an effort to minimize the penalties.

Although DUI laws are somewhat common across the country there are variations from one jurisdiction to another. A DUI lawyer in Long Beach CA is well seasoned in the interpretation of these laws and in many cases the lawyer has considerable insight as to how these regulations are enforced. When an individual who was arrested for drunk driving hires a DUI lawyer, the lawyer studies the minute details of the case to see if there are circumstances that can be exploited to the benefit of the client. It is certainly not unknown that law enforcement officers can violate the suspects rights, albeit in most cases unintentionally. The law officer may not follow the procedures as established or he or she may simply neglect to file a document. Circumstances of this nature can easily result in the dismissal of all charges or if not outright dismissal, certainly a plea bargain that will result in reduced charges.

If the lawyer cannot find any reason to have the case dismissed by the court then the lawyer will approach the court with a view to negotiating on the clients behalf. In some areas of the country for example the accused can immediately be stripped of his or her drivers license, the lawyer can attempt to convince the court to allow the client some temporary relief so that he or she can at least drive to work or take care of personal business. The lawyer will also try to get bail set as low as possible as a way to assist the client.

Once the case is called the DUI lawyer in Long Beach CA represents the client in court. Having consulted with the client on the different legal options the lawyer will develop a plan on how to handle the case, attempting to disprove any evidence that the prosecutor presents.

If you are stopped and arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs you will need a responsible DUI lawyer in Long Beach CA. You are invited to contact the Law offices of Christopher J. McCann, Criminal Defense Attorney.

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