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What is PIP Insurance Coverage Jacksonville?

What is PIP Insurance Coverage Jacksonville?

Florida one of the states in the US that requires that auto owners buy personal injury protection or PIP coverage. But the policy that you purchase, is not as tightly regulated. If you are purchasing PIP insurance coverage in Jacksonville, our experienced lawyers at Shuster & Saben, LLC are standing by to talk to drivers in Jacksonville to help them buy the correct amount of PIP coverage for their needs.

Some drivers are unsure why they must purchase PIP insurance, but the main reason is that it helps to cover injured drivers whether or not they are the ones at fault, which is why it is also known as no fault insurance. PIP insurance coverage Jacksonville that residents must have for their vehicles pays medical and other expenses in a covered accident no matter which driver caused the accident and resulting injuries to occur.

PIP Insurance Coverage Jacksonville Has Rules to Prevent Fraud
With this kind of insurance, sometimes unscrupulous drivers may try to put in a false claims. Due to that fact, Florida passed a law, HB 119 or the Personal Injury Protection of Auto Insurance Fraud law. This helps to catch the people filing false claims and therefore in the long run saves Florida residents, including those in Jacksonville, money on their insurance bills.

The problem is that a large portion of drivers in Florida, including Jacksonville, don’t buy the minimum amount of auto insurance required by law. That means that having PIP insurance coverage Jacksonville protects legal drivers from that fact so that their medical and other covered expenses will get paid.

What Does the Insurance Cover?
The amount of PIP insurance coverage Jacksonville residents have on themselves will depend on the amount of insurance coverage they buy. To help you to decide your needs for this, you should make an appointment today with a dedicated attorney here at Shuster & Saben LLC. Just call us or send us an email to get your first consultation.

The most likely things that PIP insurance will pay for are medical bills, but in some cases it also covers a person’s lost wages or perhaps in the case of a death, it could sometimes cover the funeral expenses as well.

The main point is that the state of Florida requires that all vehicle owners, must buy PIP insurance to cover them against the cost of injury caused by an auto accident- so make your PIP policy a good investment rather then an extra expense.

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