What Is The Significance Of Janitorial Services To San Francisco Businesses?

To judge the significance, you first need to know what such service entails. Only then can you assess whether or not such a service would be useful in your business (regardless of where you are located or what line of business you are in)

What Is A Janitor?

To some, this function is almost the equal of a building manager or superintendent. To others, the job is a fancy title for someone who pushes a broom all day. However, a janitor (or a janitress) should not be judged as a mere menial worker. Their duties might entail supervision of menials but maintenance and oversight should also be included.

For example, they should be responsible for the basic running maintenance of things like furnaces, air conditioning equipment. Minor electrical repairs and general work from oiling a squeaky door to replacing a window pane should all come under the purview of good janitorial services in San Francisco.

Nearly All Businesses Need This

If you run a one man show, maybe you will find the time to do all janitorial work for yourself but, time is money and it may be more cost effective to hire someone to do the work for you. On the other hand, if your business involves a factory with many machines, you will probably have set up an engineering maintenance department to take care of many of your needs. However, this will be staffed by quite highly paid people – do you want them to be making sure your restrooms don’t run out of toiletries? Even a suite of offices rented in a large building will have a need for these services since the building’s superintendent isn’t likely to carry out routine work inside your rented space.

Janitors can make a significant contribution to any business and the question really is – do you employ your own or subcontract their duties to an outside expert like Maintenance Systems Management, Inc. They have been providing janitorial services to San Francisco area for the last 25 years.

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