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What Jobs are Part of Professional Fall Clean-Up in Mukwonago, WI?

During the fall, lawns quickly become covered with leaves. However, while the amount of leaves can quickly become too overwhelming to rake up every day, they’re not what usually cause people to call for Fall Clean Up In Mukwonago WI. Instead, most fall yard clean-up jobs involve trimming trees and bushes, removing scrub growth that has been trying to take over the yard, and removing things like fallen branches from the grass. The service hired will usually take care of any leaves that are there while they’re at it so that the end result is a pristine yard.

There are a few reasons to have things like this done in the fall instead of just letting the snow cover it all up until the spring. One is that flowering shrubs have to be pruned at the right time or else they won’t flower the next time they’re supposed to. If you have plants that need to be pruned in the fall, it’s easy to get it done by adding it to a fall cleanup project.

Some perennials, such as hostas, also need to be pruned in the fall. Some types of plants will also need to be mulched. By removing dead or worn growth, you get rid of locations that insect pests would use for harborage and help to ensure the health of the plant come springtime. Many perennials will also winter over better if they have less surface area exposed to the cold Wisconsin air.

The removal of fall leaves can seem like a thankless task, but there is actually a practical point of doing it. Taking the leaves away prevents them from matting down and blocking the light that reaches the grass. Matted leaves can also suffocate grass by blocking the normal evaporation of water.

Ignoring this job will often result in bare spots in the lawn come springtime, and while those spots can be filled in, the lawn won’t look too great for a month or so. Therefore, many people add leaf removal to outdoor fall cleanup projects. To learn more about what types of things a professional lawn and yard company will do in the fall and why it needs to be done, check out this Youtube Video.

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