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What Kind of Saree will you wear for your Wedding?

Your families have met, the engagement is over, and everyone has agreed on the wedding date. As the wedding preparation activities reach a frenzied pitch, you, the bride to be, have to make some crucial decisions. The most critical of course being, what kind of sarees are going to make up your wedding trousseau. Many a shop is visited, and hours spent trying to identify the perfect sarees for the bride and the family.

Let us see some Wedding silk Sarees that give you a perfect look for your wedding. Brides (and grooms!) nowadays are more adventurous and ready to try alternatives, but the elegance and charm of the silk saree remain unchanged.

1. Kanchipuram:

The artisans who weave the rich Kanchipuram sarees have migrated to Tamil Nadu from Andhra Pradesh a few centuries ago. These sarees are characterised by mesmerising colour combinations and the gold thread weaving

2. Benares:

Every family has a heritage Banaras saree in the closet belonging to your grandmother or great-grandmother. These are one of the oldest types of silk, very rich and intricate with gold and silver threads woven with the silk.

3. Chanderi:
These are from Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh. They are lightweight yet have a glistening sheen and make gorgeous wedding sarees. Woven with a mixture of cotton and silk threads, they are very easy to handle and drape. These are for you if you are really not a saree wearer.

4. Tussar:

These originated in the tribal belts of Bihar and the Malda district of West Bengal. It has a beautiful texture and is primarily known for the shades it is available in such as cream, beige, thick honey, tawny – subtle shades which are not usual for silk sarees.

5. Paithani:

This saree is a speciality of Maharashtra, made in Paithan in the Aurangabad region. It is characterised by a vibrant look and its traditional motifs like peacock and flowers.

India’s heritage provides you with a beautiful range of wedding silk sarees to choose from. Make your choices and look your regal and splendid best at your wedding.

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