What Makes a Great Hair Salon

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Beauty and Salon

The world of beauty and fashion can be extremely competitive, and it’s no different when it comes to hair salons. Hair salons have been around for decades, and they have become a staple in women’s lives when it comes to the ability to care for and maintain their hair and hairstyles. Great and successful hair salons in Houston requires standing out in certain areas, and providing a great experience for their customers.

Customer Services

Without any customers, no one would be able to own a business. People come to your business expecting great service and outstanding products, and those two things can help to make a salon great. Customer service is a vital area when it comes to owning a business, and less than stellar customer service ratings can ruin a good reputation, fast. Stylists must be sure to remember to attend to the details when interacting with a client. Offering to get a refreshment, having a friendly and inviting tone, and keeping topics of conversation neutral and professional are all great ways to a stylist to practice great customer service.

Experienced Stylists

Along with having a stylist who pays attention to them and their needs, customers also desire an overall experience that is inviting. This can be influenced by everything from the décor, the cleanliness, and the energy. If there is a lot of tension or unhappiness in the room, the customer may not feel welcomed and so they might be uncomfortable for their entire visit. This leads to a bad experience, and usually, the customer does not return. This can also be troubling for the reputation of a business, as being a voice to millions at the touch of a button is easier than ever with computers and smartphones.

Services Offered and Afterthoughts

Types of services offered and business hours can also have a major effect on who does, or doesn’t, decide to be a patron at your salon. People like to save time, and a customer is more likely to go to a place that offers multiple services, than they are to go to a place that offers a few. This also allows your business to attract customers that may be outside the general demographic that goes to hair salons.

If you want your business to stand out, amazing customer service, educated stylists, and a great range of services are three main things to keep in mind when building or running your salon.

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