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What Stretch Wrap Machine Manufacturers Are Doing to Be More Innovative

What Stretch Wrap Machine Manufacturers Are Doing to Be More Innovative

Stretch film, shrink wrap, plastic packing wrap — whatever you call it, it is the same product. It is the clear plastic film used by shipping companies to secure loads to a pallet and keep the boxes and packages from falling off the pallet. It prevents a lot of damage and lost products too. Yet, what are stretch film machinery manufacturers doing these days to make this product and the related equipment more innovative?

Three-Hundred-Sixty-Degree Wrap

Imagine a machine that wraps plastic film all the way around a pallet of goods. We’re not just talking around the boxes and packages on the pallet either. We’re talking around, underneath the pallet, and over the top of the goods stacked so that nothing wiggles, comes loose, falls, or pokes through. That is the type of innovation one of the stretch film machinery manufacturers has created.

Plastic Film That Shrinks and Bonds Faster

Plastic film is only as good as the machine that makes it. Plastic film that is made to adhere faster to surfaces and shrink in tight and close is the brainchild of another stretch film machine manufacturer. When the film is combined with the right stretch film wrapping machine (e.g., the Tab Wrapper Tornado), what you get is superior packing and shipping protection. Once the pallets of goods wrapped this way reach their destination, you don’t have to worry about removing the plastic either as it still cuts easily. Get both machines and products today for the best and most innovative shipping practices.

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