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What to Discuss with an Auto Accident Lawyer in Bremerton

What to Discuss with an Auto Accident Lawyer in Bremerton

In Washington, auto accidents lead to serious injuries and fatalities. The exact reason for the accident contributes to whether or not a civil or criminal case starts. An auto accident lawyer in Bremerton assists victims and families with legal claims against the at-fault driver.

Who Did the Officer Say Was at Fault?

The accident report shows the driver identified as at fault for the accident. It lists all parties that were involved and what role they played in causing the accident. This information is fundamental when starting a legal claim. All drivers involved in the accident are required to get a copy of the accident report and send it to their insurer.

Was an Insurance Claim Filed?

The attorney needs to know if an insurance claim was filed to cover the victim’s expenses. An insurance claim offers compensation to the victim for all their expenses and auto repair costs. However, there is a maximum payout available to victims. If the victim didn’t receive adequate compensation, then they might have a chance to collect through a legal claim.

Getting Estimates for Auto Repair Costs

In most cases, the victim needs at least three estimates for their auto repair requirements. The court arrives at a median value for the costs. The extent of the damage determines how much is given to the victim to repair or replace their automobile.

Calculating Additional Financial Losses Related to the Accident

Additional financial losses are added to the claim. The losses include medical treatment for the victim’s injuries. Any extra treatment that is needed by the patient is considered and the cost is calculated. Lost wages are included in the costs. Any tort-based rulings are applied when appropriate, and an award is added if it is approved by the court.

In Washington, auto accidents present serious complexities for victims. The laws require all drivers to have at least liability coverage. Unfortunately, some drivers don’t comply with the law or don’t purchase enough coverage. When starting a lawsuit, victims or families present all financial losses incurred due to the accident. Victims who need to start a claim should contact an auto accident lawyer in Bremerton or click here right now.

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