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What to Do After Your Roof Has Suffered Damage from a Storm

What to Do After Your Roof Has Suffered Damage from a Storm

The weather is very unpredictable, and no one ever knows how severe the conditions will get. While a weatherman can predict bad meteorological conditions, they cannot forecast the severity level of a storm. The conditions can change quickly from a small drizzle of rain into a raging storm with high winds. When the weather conditions are severe, they pose a risk to a home’s rooftop. From blowing away a few shingles to ripping half the rooftop off, storms can cause damage to a residential roofing in Orange CA that will need immediate repairs to fix the problem.

Steps to Take after Storm Damage

  • Immediately assess your roof for any visible damage caused by the storm.
  • If you discover any problems, take preventative steps to protect the interior of your home.
  • You should contact your insurance agency to inform them of the damage.
  • Have the roof evaluated by the agency to determine if the damage is covered by your insurance.
  • Contact a company that offers residential roofing in Orange, CA to make the necessary repairs.

Select a Local Contractor

Once your roof has been accessed and your insurance company has approved your claim, you want to hire a reliable and trusted roofing contractor for the job. You do not want to higher contractors that only come into the area due to storm damage. A traveling contractor may not uphold your agreement for repairing the roof or they may provide less than subpar workmanship. When you require reliable roofing services after a severe storm, turn to Weatherline Reroofing & Repairs Inc to find the trusted contractors you require. They have provided their services for over 27 years to build a solid reputation within their community as a roofing company that strives to exceed each clients’ expectations.

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