What to Know About Septic Services

When you have regular septic maintenance, you can prevent costly repairs. Your septic system has a lot of parts, and it is important to make sure that it is pumped, cleaned, and meets current regulations. Septic services include preventative septic maintenance by a licensed professional, which can save you money in the long run. During regular maintenance, they will find any issues that exist before they turn into very expensive problems.

Residential Septic Services

When you call a company that offers septic services, they can perform a variety of services for you. They will come out and pump your septic tank, and they will clean it when necessary. Septic tanks are designed for long-term use and are larger than a holding tank. They also treat wastewater and direct it into the drain fields. When the wastewater flows out, there is more room for waste, which cuts down on maintenance needs. Most residential homes should be pumped every three years; however, when the professionals arrive on the scene, they will look at other factors, such as how many people live in the home and how much water you use, to make specific recommendations for your septic pumping services.

Commercial Septic Services

Commercial businesses also need to have their septic tanks pumped. When you get commercial septic services, they will perform grease trap pumping and cleaning services. These services recommend pumping commercial tanks more frequently than residential tanks because businesses use a lot more wastewater. If there is a holding tank, it needs to be pumped more frequently than a septic tank. In addition, the best way to prevent expensive repairs is by calling for regular pumping, cleaning, and inspections of your septic system.

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