What to Use: Hand Dryers or Paper Towels?

Are you stuck deciding between using paper towels and converting over to the modern hand dryer? Are you looking for the most cost-efficient method of hand drying? Do you want convenience for both you and your customers? Choosing the best bathroom hand dryer can be a difficult decision. Many facility owners suggest a hand dryer instead of using paper towels in your facility’s bathroom.

Hand Dryers Cost Less

The initial cost of a hand dryer may be high because of installation and the price of the hand dryer itself. Although when you compare these costs to the total cost of using paper towels, the paper costs add up. Not only are you paying for the paper towels but your environment is as well. You also have to consider the cost of landfills. Using paper towels can be a cost that lasts a life time. You may always need paper towels, but you don’t have to keep buying hand dryers. While they can last for years, a replacement still can be cheaper than the overall price you pay for paper towels. You don’t have to buy air to dry your hands. Electricity is needed, but the cost to constantly purchase paper towels to refill your dispensers is much more than using some electricity for short periods of time. Energy efficient hand dryers are now on the market to reduce even more of your costs.

Paper Towels Run Out

By using bathroom hand dryers, you don’t have to worry about when you have to refill them. Paper towels run out, and when they do, you must be ready with a new stack. Hand dryers can be dependable and always ready to dry hands.

Hand Dryers Provide Comfort

Paper towels can be rough when you dry your hands. Instead, a hand dryer doesn’t rub against your hands at all. This is an added feature of comfort that a hand dryer can provide you. By drying your hands with a paper towel, you also may not get off every drop of water. A hand dryer can evenly dry your hands so that water is wicked off efficiently.

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