What You Need To File A Claim With Personal Injury Lawyers In Stafford, VA

In Virginia, accident victims have up to three years to file a claim in court. The date of the accident begins the countdown for this statute of limitations. If you wish to file a claim for an injury, you can hire Personal Injury Lawyers in Stafford VA to review your case.

When you are ready to file a claim in court for a personal injury, your attorney needs an estimate of medical costs. This includes your medical bills from the initial care that you received for these injuries up to the day you file your claim. If you will receive medical care for this condition in the future, you could receive an estimate from your primary-care physician or the doctor who has treated you for the injuries.

You should acquire a document from your employer that establishes the exact number of hours you have been unable to work. He or she should also document calculations that identify wages you have already lost and the value of wages you could lose in the future if this condition is permanent. If the condition caused by your injuries is a long-term disability that is not permanent, your employer should calculate your potential wages lost based on the needed recovery time.

If it was an automobile accident that led to your injuries, you should acquire an estimate for repair services. In most cases, you need at least three estimates for an insurance claim and should provide these estimates to your Personal Injury Lawyers in Stafford VA promptly. This allows the attorneys to calculate an average cost for these repairs. If the vehicle was a total loss, you should acquire an estimate implying the value of the automobile entirely.

Any additional costs related to your injuries should be provided to your attorney. This could include the cost of hiring a housekeeper or home health nurse to assist you in daily tasks. The value calculated for your injury claim should include all of the above-mentioned calculations to provide a judge and jury with a clear value of your losses. If you are ready to file an injury claim, you should contact Personal Injury Lawyers today.

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