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What You Need To Know About The Florida Lemon Law

What You Need To Know About The Florida Lemon Law

The Florida Lemon Law that applies to new cars is strong and is even stronger when it is supplemented by the provisions of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. The lemon law in Florida covers a new car for a full 24 months, if, during this time it spends considerable time in the shop or it is plagued by recurring problems it can be considered to be a lemon. In Florida the lemon laws apply only to new cars and cars which are on a long lease.

When is a car not a car but a lemon?

In Florida, if you have a car which is a lemon you must submit to arbitration, this can result in a full refund or a replacement car. To be eligible for arbitration the lemon vehicle must meet certain conditions:

* The defect must have a detrimental impact on the use, value or safety of the vehicle.
* The authorized dealer or service center must have made three attempts to repair the defect without success, or, the vehicle must have been unavailable to the owner for a total of 15 days, this time period does not have to be consecutive days.

If the vehicle has been in the service shop three times and the problem is still not fixed the car may be a lemon. If this happens the owner must give the vehicle manufacturer one final attempt at fixing the problem. Bear in mind by the time it reaches this stage the vehicle owner must be in contact with the manufacturer, not the dealer. If the vehicle cannot be repaired on the final attempt the law demands that the dealer take the vehicle back and either refund the purchase price or to give a new vehicle of equal specification.

The Florida lemon law is voided if the vehicle has been in an accident, been abused or neglected or modified by anyone other than the authorized agent of the manufacturer, the dealer.

It is also up to the vehicle owner to give the manufacturer written notice when the vehicle in question has been out of service for a total of 15 days for the same or different problems.

The State of Florida and most vehicle manufacturers offer dispute settlement programs. If you fail to get satisfactory results you should hire a Florida Lemon Law attorney and file suit with the Attorney General of the State.

If you have purchased or leased a vehicle in Florida and it appears to meet the definition of the Florida Lemon Law you have recourse. You are invited to visit the web site Lemon Law America, the trusted source for lemon law information.

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