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What You Need to Purchase Deals on Eyeglasses Online

Purchasing glasses online is an affordable alternative for consumers who are looking for ways to receive top brands and styles without paying an arm and a leg for the same pair of eyeglasses in-store. Online eyeglass stores feature wider selections of eyeglass types and styles for all purposes. To purchase online, here is more information about the process and what you will need at various different steps.

Prescription Information

Once you’ve completed your eye exam, your eye specialist will provide you with a written prescription that you may use to order eyeglasses that are suitable for your vision. If you’ve never ordered glasses online, you’ll need to enter your prescription after you’ve selected a frame that fits your face properly and matches your preferred style. To ensure you have the correct information, ask the specialist who wrote the prescription to verbally confirm the information on the paper by reading it back to you. Sometimes unfamiliar handwriting can cause shoppers to mistakenly read a number wrongly on the prescription, which results in an incorrect order. Always ask your eye doctor to read you their handwriting so you can be sure you get all the numbers correct.

Unlock the Deals

Most deals on eyeglasses online are for the price of the frames of the glasses. Lenses are generally always the same price depending upon the type of prescription you’ve been written and also the presence of anti-glare features or the degree of tinting of the lenses. This means that depending upon the style, brand, and generally the type of eyeglasses you’re looking to purchase, you’ll already be saving on the frames alone simply by shopping online. Also, online stores have more stock to choose from and can easily be purchased in a quick, hassle-free process.

Measurements of Your Face

In a store, you are essentially paying more for the customer service you are receiving during your ordering process. Online, while you certainly can benefit from a customer representative helping you find the best solution to fit your needs, you will need to measure your own face to determine the fitting of the eyeglasses on your face. Unlike non-prescription sunglasses, you cannot simply purchase any pair of eyeglasses and expect to be able to see through the lenses at any angle. Your prescription is written to fit specifically to the width from one cornea to the other. This means that you need to know the measurement between your two corneas and provide this information as you process your order.

All other measurements alert you to the size of the glasses in relation to frame size from the width, the length of the arms, and height of the lenses. As you’re shopping for deals on eyeglasses online, also be sure to review the measurements of the glasses before processing your order. Visit the website for more information.

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