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What You Should Know About Keratin Straightening in New York

Woman despise dull, brittle non-lustrous hair and will spend hundreds of dollars if not thousands on finding products that will give an everlasting shine. Achieving that hair women have on the cover of magazines is a huge task. Although women will stop at nothing to get the desired effect and have men and women stop in the tracks as they walk by.

Keratin Straightening Has Been Around for Awhile

Keratin straightening was first developed in brazil and then perfected in the U.S. A protein component that is a key structural material. One of the building blocks making up the outer layer of human skin, hair and nails. Studies have shown applications of keratin gives huge increases in both elasticity and hydration. Because of its moisturizing properties this protein component is high sought after in shampoo, conditioner and hair treatments.

New York Keratin Straightening Gives You Lustrous Locks

This means keratin protein can give you a shiny, silky luster look that every woman desires. With frequent treatments and use of shampoo and conditioner products this protein block can help repair your hair from damaging effects such as exposure to everyday conditions ie; sunlight, heat and other hair products. This can often result in the weakening of the hair shaft, which can lead to hair thinning and loss.

Application of keratin protein entails using liquid keratin, applied straight to the roots of the hair and slowly working it in the rest of the hair. Using a straightening iron helps to bond the hair on a molecular level in the hair follicle, which straightens it, softens and improves the hair texture. This ultimately rebuilds your hair from the inside out leaving it soft and manageable.

Keratin Straightening Lasts for Months

Lasting 10-12 weeks until everyday conditions break down the hair again, New York keratin straightening can last a very long time. Even if your natural hair is curly or has a lot of body, a keratin straightening treatment can make it straight. Choosing the right keratin treatment and salon is important, so make sure that you are doing your research and choosing the spa and salon that is right for you. Ask friends or family, look at reviews on salons in your area and reach out to them to have your questions answered before you make your first appointment for any type of service. Only then should you ever go in for any type of straightening treatment.

When looking for Keratin Straightening in New York contact Paul Labrecque.

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