When can I Start Wearing Mastectomy Bras with Underwire?

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Mastectomy Jodee bras post-surgery can help you heal quicker. However, for the first eight weeks post-surgery, your bra should be wire-free. The biggest concern post-surgery is wire rubbing on sensitive skin.

Why do I need to wait?

Special compression bras can be worn after surgery. These can help prevent blood clots and improve circulation in remaining breast tissue. Some doctors request you wait for the area to recover from the surgery completely; this could take anywhere from three months to a year. Your nerves need time to repair themselves, and your skin condition ay change post-radiotherapy. A bra with underwire could make these issues take longer to heal. An underwire bra is known to be more uncomfortable, and with sensitive skin, it can also cause sores.

What bras can I wear while I heal?

Types of bras needed vary because of weight fluctuation and other treatment-related changes during that time.

The best post-surgical bra when dealing with swelling is anything with compression. If you do not want a compression bra, find a bra that will fit on the loosest hook; this can ensure the bra will be worn looser at first then gradually tightened when swelling goes down.

Bras that are made from cotton are gentler on your skin. Cotton bras can also help keep you cool when experiencing hot flashes.

Bras with strap cushions can help keep the bra in the proper place, so they do not rub along sensitive areas. Strap cushions can also relieve some pressure off your shoulder.

After all your surgical incisions have healed, you can begin to wear regular and less restrictive mastectomy bras. If you are planning on wearing breast prosthesis, you may need a special bra that has full cups and is well-fitting.

What do doctors think?

Until everything is healed, and you are doing well, doctors advise against underwire bras. After surgery, they can be constrictive and rub against mastectomy scars and sensitive tissue under the breast. Directly after surgery, it may be difficult to determine if a bra fits properly, due to lack of sensation in your breasts.

Women who have had radiation are warned against underwire bras because of skin burns after the treatment. The amount of friction from the underwire is not a good idea.

When you are fully healed, you may wear whatever bra feels the most comfortable for you. The fit must be perfect; a certified fitter can help with this.

How underwire bras help you feel confident

Once fully healed you can go back to wearing underwire bras if you feel comfortable. Underwire bras may help you feel more confident and help your breasts appear more even. Being emotionally comfortable is important when mentally healing in the months following your surgery, and if an underwire bra helps give you a look that you are confident about, then you should wear one.

Some underwire bras can help your breast forms appear more natural after full mastectomies. This can give you a smooth appearance. If you had a lumpectomy, a partial breast form could be worn with an underwire bra to provide you with a full coverage look.

The key to your underwire bra once you have healed proper fit. Ensure the wire lays flat against your ribcage, and not on your breast.

An underwire bra with push up pads can add volume to any remaining breast tissue but should be avoided for up to six months after you have healed. Before wearing any underwire bras be sure to check with your doctor.

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