When Should You See a Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain in Holton KS?

by | Oct 30, 2015 | Chiropractor

Shoulder pain is a common type of pain that people of all ages can suffer from. While specific injuries to the shoulder do occur, pain in the shoulder can sometimes be referred from other areas. It is important for people to understand when they need to seek medical treatment for their Shoulder Pain Holton KS. Avoiding treatment can sometimes further compound the problem and lead to mobility concerns and increased pain. One should see a doctor for their shoulder pain in these circumstances:

     *     The pain does not go away with rest or continues on more than a few days

     *     Pain that tends to become chronic, even if it goes away on its own and then returns later

     *     When a person can no longer use their arm or cannot carry items with that arm

     *     The joint has become deformed

     *     When a person cannot raise their arm

     *     Swelling or bruising around the shoulder joint

     *     Fever or redness and warmth at the shoulder joint

The treatment for shoulder pain can only be decided on once the chiropractor has found the cause. The cause can be found through examination, X-rays, and diagnostic testing.

The doctor will treat the shoulder through a combination of heat, ice, and massage. It is important the shoulder is rested until the chiropractor feels it is safe to begin using stretching exercises to stop the pain. These exercises can strengthen the muscles and supportive tissues and can improve mobility.

If the doctor feels the joint is out of alignment or the shoulder pain is being referred, a chiropractic adjustment may be beneficial. These adjustments move the bones of the joints back into their natural positions so they are not pressing on nerves and causing pain. Through a combination of treatment options, the chiropractor can help patients to find full relief from their pain so they can get back to life.

People who are dealing with Shoulder Pain Holton KS can visit Ctrmm.com for more information. With chiropractic care, people can find relief from their pain without taking risky pain medications. Call the office today to get started on finding true pain relief.

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