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The Advantage Of Having A Beach Apartment

Australia has more than 16,000 beaches and there is a reason why so many people from around the world flock to them every year – because beach days are good for your health! Exposure to the blazing sun will increase vitamin D production in the body, which could actually ward off diseases like cancer. Spending time at the seaside will benefit you mentally and physically, so you can expect to get a better night’s sleep, lower blood pressure and improved mood after a beach vacation. If this doesn’t tempt you to make a booking at a beachfront resort the next time you get some time off work, the following beach apartment benefits sure will.

Beautiful Ocean Views

Imagine waking up to a spectacular sunrise and raising your glass to toast a jaw-dropping sunset every day – sounds perfect doesn’t it? This is what you can enjoy when you lease an apartment on the seafront. Everybody wants to wake up to a panoramic view of the ocean, especially during the summer! When you rent beachfront accommodation, the good news is that beautiful ocean views will come as standard, regardless of what size apartment you opt for.

Activities and Businesses Nearby

You will be in the heart of the action at a beachfront resort, therefore will not need to rely on transportation too much. Swimming in the fresh, salty water, surfing when the waves are high, sunbathing on the powder-white sand, evening barbecues on the beach, volleyball, building sandcastles with the kids – the list of things you can do goes on! Businesses, like seafood restaurants and nightclubs, will usually take advantage of a beachfront location too, and this means that everything you could want or need will be on your doorstep!

The Comforts of Home

A beach apartment will of course have that tropical vibe to it, but luxuries aside, you can expect beachfront accommodation to offer home comforts. These amenities might include air-conditioning, a radio, television, washing machine, self-catering facilities, hairdryers, a telephone and other handy essentials. You won’t have to worry if you forget to pack bathroom bits and bobs either, as the owners of a beach apartment will likely provide complimentary shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, towels and toilet roll. Check the list of amenities on an apartment community’s website before booking if these home comforts are important to you.

The Netanya Noosa Beachfront Resort is set on the coast and is just a walk from Hastings Street. Call 1800 072 072 to book a beach apartment.

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