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When to Call a Criminal Defense Attorney

Most Americans have relatively little experience with matters of the law. Perhaps it’s for this reason that many struggles to know when they should call for the help of a defense attorney. Here are several major indicators that it might be time to call a lawyer:

You are Asked to “Come Down to the Station”

While there are many reasons that a law enforcement officer might ask you to submit to questioning, many times this can be an indicator that they intend to arrest you or otherwise involve you in a legal case that will require the assistance of an attorney. It’s important to remember in these situations that an officer does not have to read you your Miranda rights before questioning you unless they are taking you into custody involuntarily. Don’t wait until that becomes the case or until you’ve already said or done something, you might regret later. Contact your lawyer at the first mention of questioning.

A Search of Your Home or Place of Employment Takes Place

Picture this: you’re at home or work, going through your daily routine when suddenly, the police show up. They are there unannounced and unexpectedly, and you aren’t ready for their questions or their search. In fact, you’re not sure what your rights are in this situation!

So, what do you do? Don’t waste time. Call a legal professional – like Los Angeles area lawyer Chad Lewin, criminal defense attorney – right away.

When in Doubt, Call

In any situation where you find yourself unsure of whether you need a defense attorney or not, it would probably benefit you to call one. After all, an experienced legal professional won’t mind telling you that their services are not yet required – but they can also tell you when you need to keep quiet and wait for them to arrive. Don’t wait until you’re read your rights, or you’re sitting in a holding cell. Contact a defense attorney at the first sign of trouble, and avoid as much of that trouble as possible.

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