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Where to Go When You Want the Best LASIK Procedures in Florida

Where to Go When You Want the Best LASIK Procedures in Florida

When you are looking to do a little self-improvement, you might consider laser eye surgery. Having perfect vision again would be a lovely thing to give yourself this year. If you live in Florida, it means you would not need prescription swim goggles, prescription sunglasses, and prescription glasses. You could see without any of these all the time. For the best Lasik surgeons in Jacksonville, FL, here’s what you can expect in terms of your treatment plan.

A Free Consultation

Everyone who seeks out the best Lasik surgeons in Jacksonville, FL, gets a free consultation. This involves a complete eye exam to see what would be involved in your laser procedure. There is more than one option for laser eye surgery, too, so the consultation will tell you and the surgeons which procedure is best. Then you can choose what to do with that information.

Scheduling Your Procedure

These surgeries are scheduled several weeks out. Each patient has one time slot for his/her surgery. Everything is thoroughly sanitized between procedures so that you can feel safe about having your procedure done at this time. The doctors and assisting technicians are all pre-screened for COVID and other health issues before they are allowed in the procedure room.

Length of Time for the Procedure

It usually takes about one and one-half hours to two hours to complete your procedure. The actual laser part takes thirty minutes or less. Often ten or fifteen minutes is all that is needed. If you want to get an appointment, contact Maida CustomVision via

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