Where Would You Expect To Find In A Place Offering Scooters For Sale In Charleston SC?

This depends upon exactly what you think of as being a scooter. The word has different meanings although they all relate to the verb – scoot – meaning to move somewhere quickly.

Kiddies Toy Or Adult Transportation?
If you think that a scooter is a sort of platform with wheels and an upright T-bar at one end, then, you would probably find it in a toy shop since it is a sort of safer predecessor of the skate board. Kids (usually) place one foot on the scooter grab hold of each end of the cross piece and then use their other foot to propel themselves along a basically flat and smooth surface (like a side walk).

However, should you be in Europe – particularly Italy – you would automatically think of a 2 wheeled form of motorized transport as typified by the Vespa (manufactured in Italy by Piaggio). The first Vespa was made in 1946 (the word means “wasp” in Italian). The first Vespas were relatively unique with their painted, pressed steel unibody which totally enclosed the engine to keep dirt, grease and heat away from the rider. This single structural unit also provided a flat floorboard for foot protection and a prominent front fairing for wind protection. Basically, these features were usually absent on a standard, 2 wheeled, motor bike.

The popularity of the Italian machines soon led to a worldwide resurgence in the manufacture of this type of scooter and their popularity remains to this day. Currently there are over 50 brands in production with Japanese, Chinese and Italian brands probably leading in terms of numbers of scooters sold. They all share the step though and sit down concept and are mainly in the smaller size, lower powered engine range. Typically, engines can be from 50cc up to about 250cc.

If you wish to buy this scooter type of motorcycle, with its step-through frame and a platform for your feet, obviously either a motorbike or a specialist (motor) scooter dealer would be the place to go. In addition to the dealerships of the big brands like Vespa or Yamaha, there are two American companies offering a range of imported scooters (mainly from Taiwan or India).

At Scooter Stop – The Charleston Scooter Store – you can browse a complete selection of American brand scooters from Genuine and Bintelli as well as the Taiwanese Adli brand. If you are looking for Scooters For Sale in Charleston SC, they are the people to see.

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