Who Can Qualify to Receive a Free Government Phone in South Carolina?

Mobile phones have replaced landlines in many homes. Even with the plans on the market today, it’s not easy for everyone to open an account and have a phone that works properly. Depending on your circumstances, it’s possible that you would qualify for a free government phone in South Carolina. Here are some of the more common requirements.

One has to do with income. If the combination of what you receive in the way of benefits from Social Security and a pension are less than a certain amount, you may be able to participate in this type of program. As long as your income remains below the required level, your service will remain intact.

Another factor has to do with receiving other types of government benefits. That may be SSI for those who work in jobs that don’t provide enough income to make ends meet, or people who are receiving disability benefits. In each of these scenarios, there’s a chance that you would be able to have a phone that can be used for local calls and for emergencies.

Last, you may qualify for a free government phone in South Carolina if you currently live in public housing. If you qualify for low income housing, it could be that you also meet the requirements for free phone service.

A professional can review your circumstances and provide an answer. Make sure you provide complete disclosure about your finances, your health, and any other information that’s needed. If you do qualify, the phone could be in your hands in less time than you thought possible.

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