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Why A Social Security Disability Lawyer is Needed

When a worker has become disabled or incapacitated, it is important to consult with a Social Security disability attorney. Applying for disability is a multistep process and can become both cumbersome and complicated. Having legal advice helps to make the entire process less burdensome, confusing and difficult for those making the claim and their family.

Filing a Claim

When an accident, sickness, or injury occurs, a claim needs to be filed as quickly as possible. It is important to find a Social Security disability lawyer in Portland as soon as possible to help with the claim. The qualification process can take months, making it important to make the claim immediately following the accident, injury, or sickness. The applicant, with the help of an attorney, needs to prove they are no longer able to carry out the main duties of their previous job because the disability is preventing them from finding work in a field that is related or any other field.

Data Collecting

Make sure that all important information is documented. Doctor’s reports, details about the injury, accident, or sickness need to be documented, and experts must have easy to access during the application process and subsequent interview.

Application Approval or Denial

The Social Security office then makes a determination of whether or not to approve the claim. The office determines if the applicant is able to fulfill their job function, how the work done by the applicant compares to how it is performed nationally, if the injury or sickness affected the ability of the applicant to do their job effectively, and if the applicant could be trained to perform another job.

Those answers are determined by the Social Security office by looking at medical records, lab tests, and other pertinent information submitted by the applicant. An attorney can be of assistance to the applicant due to knowing all that is necessary to file a claim. The applicant has the responsibility to ensure that the Social Security office receives all the necessary information to make its determination.


After the application has been accepted, an interview takes place either in person or via telephone. The Social Security office then decides if the applicant is to be granted disability.

Since the majority of claims are denied, it is necessary to have a talented, experienced attorney guiding you along the arduous journey.

If you are looking for a Social Security disability lawyer in Portland, please visit Martin R. Cohen, Attorney At Law.

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