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Why Electric Hand Dryers Are the Best Solution

When it comes to hygiene, most people don’t like to mess around, especially in a public restroom. Washing your hands after using the restroom is one of the most important defenses you can have against scattering sickness. This is because it eliminates the germs and bacteria from your hands that would otherwise spread and get into the body via your nose and mouth. Deciding upon which restroom hand dryers are right for you is obviously not a decision that should be taken lightly.

Electric Drying vs. Paper Towels

On the market today, there are generally two choices for restroom hand dryers: paper towels and electric hand dryers. The age-old debate between the two is still going on with the varying opinions on which is more hygienic, which is more energy efficient, and so on. When looking to purchase products for a brand new public restroom, or if you’re simply considering replacing your current set up, which would be the better choice for you? There are many different reasons that buying electric hand dryers for your bathrooms is the best option for your business.

Paper Towels Are More Expensive

The cost of running a business, no matter what that business is, doesn’t come cheap. Don’t add to the expenses by buying bulk paper towels every month. Single paper towels, on average, cost 10x more than operating one cycle of a hand dryer. When you add the price of trash cans and bags to contain the used paper towels into the mix, it is a no-brainer. It is most definitely more cost-efficient to use restroom hand dryers.

Pleasing to the Eye & the Environment

Although aesthetics isn’t the first thing you think of when you picture a public restroom, how your facilities look can say a lot about your business. When you walk into a bathroom that is littered with dirty paper towels and the garbage can is overflowing, you don’t feel very welcomed or sanitary, for that matter. Not only are restroom hand dryers sleeker with their many different options and designs, their environmental footprint is miniscule in comparison to the large amount of waste that paper towels create. With no towels to bag up, cart out and throw away, there are less trees being cut down and manufactured into paper products.

Purchasing restroom hand dryers is not only your most inexpensive option, it is your most environmentally and design friendly choice as well. When looking to install a hand-drying solution in your bathroom, consider choosing restroom hand dryers as the best way to keep your hands clean, dry and worry-free.

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