Why Homeowners Want Flood Control Systems

by | Jun 12, 2017 | Plumbers and Plumbing

Flooding may not be as spectacular a calamity as fires or other natural disasters, but it can be just as burdensome and expensive no matter what the scale. Furthermore, getting insurance policies to comprehensively cover thousands of dollars worth of water damage is often difficult, if not impossible. Flood control systems are an effective way to prevent all this hassle.

What Are They?

The control systems consist of an ejector pump along with backwater valves. These extract standing water from the home and minimize interior property damage. Within a matter of hours, standing water can go from causing minor property damage to major property damage, pushing up the costs of repair hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Equipping basements with flood control systems will usually save time and money should flooding ever happen.

Do I Need One?

Anyone who does not live on the very top of a hill can get peace of mind from installing ejectors and exit valves in their homes. Flooding may be the biggest threat when living near a river or in a valley, but flash flooding can happen anywhere at any time. In emergencies like this, there may be little time to think about repairs or water extraction until the worst damage has already been done.

What About Maintenance?

Like any preventative system in the home, a flood system will need routine maintenance. The good news is that maintenance is relatively easy. Many of the companies that install these systems also offer regular checkups on hardware to make sure it is all in fighting shape. This saves you from worrying about your system and saves you the time of trying to find someone to inspect it.

So no, flood control systems are not what most homeowners put on their wish lists. However, when those that do finally come around, it is often too late. Think ahead, and you will be glad you did.

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