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Things To Check Before Calling HVAC Repair

There is nothing worse than coming home to a hot house in the summer or a cold house in the winter. However, when your HVAC system is not working, there are a few quick checks you can make before you call a repair service.

It is also important to know what not to do if the system will need professional HVAC repair. Doing the wrong thing can result in greater damage to the system, which can increase the cost you will have to pay or perhaps even result in the need to replace the furnace or air conditioner.

Check Power

It is important to make sure there is power on in the home and power to the furnace or air conditioner. Try turning on the lights to verify power to the home. Check the breaker to make sure the circuit with the HVAC system components has not been tripped.

If the breaker is tripped, flip it on. If it goes off again, leave it off and call the HVAC repair professionals immediately. Do not keep turning it on and off.

Check the Thermostat

If you have a new smart thermostat that is controlled through an app or if you have a digital setting, make sure the setting has not been changed by accident. Additionally, check that the thermostat has the LED display visible as batteries in the system can simply need to be replaced.

If the system comes on after the thermostat issue is corrected and comes up or down to the desired temperature you will not need HVAC repair. If the system shuts off or doesn’t heat or cool in a reasonable time, call for service.

Never attempt to check internal electrical connections or to work with pilot lights or other components of the furnace or the call a repair service This is a safety risk, particularly for those not familiar with the appropriate safety precautions to avoid electrical shock.

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