Why Installing a Tin Backsplash in Brooklyn NY Makes Sense

by | Jul 31, 2014 | Home Improvement

When it comes to settling on materials for a kitchen backsplash, few options offer the range of benefits that come with tin. The typical Tin Backsplash Brooklyn NY comes with a blend of advantages and cost that are certain to please many homeowners. Here are some examples.

Pressed Tin Looks Great

There is no doubt that a tin backsplash will add some zing to the look of the kitchen. The material can be hammered and pressed in order to provide visual interest along with the practical function. The homeowner can have the tin sealed or even have it painted with some type of heat resistant product before the sealing takes place. As a result, the tin can work very well with all sorts of kitchen designs.

No Rust or Fading

The properties of the tin will mean that the backsplash will hold up to a lot of use. Even with frequent cleanings and exposure to grease, the material will hold its appearance. Water will not cause it to rust, and even if sauces or other types of liquids find their way to the surface of the material, they will not cause any type of staining. Using common kitchen cleaners will be all it takes to keep the backsplash looking great from one year to the next.

Easy Installation

The process of installing a tin backsplash is very simple. Thanks to the fact that the material is lightweight and easy to trim, securing it in place is not difficult at all. Couple this with the fact that it is also very easy to match up switch plates for the outlets and switches that may be found along the backsplash, and it is no wonder that many homeowners opt for this solution.


Installing a tin backsplash is also very affordable. That can be very important to a homeowner who wants to make over the kitchen, but has to work within the limits of a tight budget. A contractor from Abingdon Construction Brooklyn NY can discuss specifics like the size of the backsplash, and what type of treatments the tin will need in order to achieve the desired look. Once the owner finds out the bottom line cost for the backsplash and compares those figures to other options, the tin backsplash is likely to come out on top. You need to go www.abingdonconstruction.com.



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