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Don’t Get Ripped Off: Smart Customer’s Guide To Getting The Best Collision Service

Being in a car accident can be scary and stressful. Repairing your car afterwards can be stressful as well. How do you select the right collision service for auto body repair in Eudora KS that will not rip you off or do shoddy work? The average person does not have a mechanic’s understanding of their vehicle. Knowing this, repair shops will sometimes overcharge and cut corners if they don’t think the customer will know the difference. Having the right information at the outset will help you get the best service.

The first step is choosing between dealerships, national chains and independent shops. Dealerships are known to overcharge for repair work, so unless the repairs you need are covered under a service warranty, expect to pay more. The plus side is that dealer employed mechanics have experience and specialized training exclusively for your type of vehicle. In certain circumstances, such as requiring extensive, complex work done to your vehicle, or if you drive a particularly unique or expensive car, letting your dealer handle repairs can be worth the higher cost.

National repair chains are sometimes less personal and less interested in their local reputation. As such, they may overcharge, or perform extra procedures aren’t related to the problem. Independent shops by contrast are highly invested in their local reputation. They are more motivated to develop relationships and build trust with their customers. When considering a shop, observe if they are respectful, if the shop is clean and organized and if it seems to get steady traffic. These things will reflect in the quality of service you receive. Not all good shops have an online presence, so ask local friends for recommendations. Good word of mouth is the best endorsement for Auto Body Repair Eudora KS shops.

To get the best treatment, come off as a smart shopper. Request an itemized estimate and instruct them not to begin any work until you have approved it. Then call around and get a few more estimates. If any are lower, ask the first shop if they will beat it. Ask a few smart questions. A good one is whether or not the work comes with a written warranty. Anything less than one year is sub-par. Ask if the parts will be used, new or aftermarket. Doing this will indicate to the mechanic that you are a discriminating customer who only accepts good work and fair prices.

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