Why Insurance Policies for San Diego Law Firms Are Very Important to Have

If you think that just because lawyers are well-versed in the law that they do not need the protection of insurance, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, they need even more insurance than the typical person just based on their careers. There are many important reasons and types of lawyers insurance in San Diego, CA to carry.

General Liability

This is pretty standard insurance that nearly businesses carry. It protects the firm from such things as accidents that might happen on the property of the law offices or from other events such as fires, floods, etc.

Professional Liability

This is basically malpractice insurance for lawyers. If a client feels that you damaged their case somehow, or otherwise did not conduct yourself in a professional manner, this type of insurance will cover you against any claims.

Cyber Liability

This is a new type of insurance that has come about in the digital age. This insurance protects you against claims in the event hackers break into your system and steal sensitive information. This is becoming more popular since data breaches are becoming more and more common.

Employment Practices Liability

This insurance will grow as your firm does. If it is just you in the office, then you will not need this insurance, but as soon as you hire an employee, it is well-advised to purchase a policy. This type of lawyers insurance in San Diego, CA protects you again claims such as harassment, discrimination, and other complaints that might stem from a disgruntled employee.

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