Why Secure Document Destruction in Denver is Essential for Your Business

If you run a business in Denver, you likely have a lot of sensitive documents that need to be destroyed on a regular basis. Unfortunately, simply throwing these documents in the trash is not enough to protect your business from identity theft and other security breaches.

That’s why secure document destruction in Denver is so important.

What Is Secure Document Destruction?

Secure document destruction is the process of destroying sensitive documents in a way that prevents them from being reconstructed or read by anyone other than authorized personnel. This is typically done by shredding the documents into tiny pieces using industrial-grade paper shredders.

Why Is Secure Document Destruction Important?

There are a few reasons why secure document destruction is essential for businesses in Denver:

Identity Theft Prevention

One of the most common ways that identity thieves obtain stolen information is by going through people’s trash and looking for discarded documents with sensitive information, including Social Security numbers or bank account information.

By shredding your documents with an XpresShred shredder before you throw them away, you can make it much more difficult for identity thieves to access this information.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

In Colorado, there are laws and regulations that dictate how businesses must destroy certain types of sensitive documents. Failing to comply with these laws can result in hefty fines for your business.

Avoiding Unwanted Attention

If your business deals with sensitive information, for instance, medical records or financial data, you may not want people snooping through your trash looking for this type of information. Secure document destruction in Denver before you dispose of them can help prevent this from happening.

Preventing Data Breaches

One of the most devastating things that can happen to a business is a data breach, which is when unauthorized individuals gain access to sensitive information.

This can happen if confidential documents are left unsecured or if trash bins containing confidential documents are not emptied regularly. To prevent data breaches, businesses need to have a secure document destruction plan in place.

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